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The luxurious rose scent 17/17 Irisss by Xerjoff debuted in 2008 and is part of the XJ 17/17 Stone Label Collection. This scent is a full, powdery rose with woody notes and a soft musky ambiance. This amazing scent is only available as samples from Fragrance Vault.





Irisssss is a luxurious and complex scent that is loved by royalty. The scent is composed of musk, resin, soft cashmere, and incense. This classic perfume is a masterpiece that merits an expensive price. Its richness and sophistication make it a timeless favorite. It is sure to delight you and be an instant conversation starter for decades to come.





Xerjoff's 17/17 Irissss EdP is an iris-based scent that emphasizes the noble notes of the iris. It is similar to the perfume Iris Silver Mist by Yves Saint Laurent, but is distinctly different. The Iris flower is a rare and Xerjoff 17/17 long-lasting perfume ingredient.





Xerjoff 17/17 Instinctss is a stunning floral fragrance that was introduced back in 2008. It's a very similar scent to Lutens' Iris Silver mist, but is more powerful. The scent is also quite reminiscent of lily. One excellent example of an iris-based fragrance is "Iris" by Xerjoff.





The Xerjoff 17/17 irissssss was limited edition that was inspired by the Natural History Museum's window cabinet. Each bottle has a hand-polished gemstone. These scents blend art and nature. This scent is made of musk, resin, soft cashmere, and a mix of both. These fragrances are available at Fortnum & Mason and Roja Dove Haute Parfumerie.





The XJ 17/17 Iriss fragrance by Xerjoff is a lavish floral scent which was launched in 2008. It is a blend of Bergamot, Carrot seeds, Xerjoff 17/17 Irisss Eau de Parfum and Bergamot. The Xerjoff 17/17 Irisss perfume Irisss is a beautiful blend of art and nature. It's not inexpensive, but it's definitely worth the money.





Limited edition fragrance, Xerjoff 17/17 Irisss perfume the Xerjoff 17/17 Irisssssss by Xerjoff was launched in 2008. It is a gorgeous floral scent which was launched in 2008. Its top notes are Carrot Seeds, Carnation, Bergamot, and Bergamot. The scent is a mix of musks and resins and is ideal for a romantic evening out.





The Xerjoff 17/17 Irisss is an exclusive edition developed by the master perfumers of Grasse. This six-scent collection is inspired by London's Natural History Museum. The Xerjoff 17/17 scent is a unique and unique scent. It is an exclusive blend of art, nature, musky. It's only available in limited quantities.





The Xerjoff 17/17 Irisss EdP is a royal creation. The top notes of the scent are Carrot Seeds and Bergamot. The middle notes are Violet, Iriss, and Musk. The base notes include Vetiver, Benzoin and Cedar. It's a truly magnificent scent. It's also quite costly.





Xerjoff's 17/17 Irisss is a real iris. The Florentine Iris Butter is so valuable that it could be worth more than diamonds for jewelers. Irisss by XerJoff is an elegant, modern Iris fragrance. It is a real musky scent that will please you.





Iris is a gorgeous flower. Iris-based perfumes which are made out of Iris are very well-loved and are a great way for you to make a bold statement with an aroma that is floral. 17/17 Irisssss by-Xerjoff is the right choice whether you are seeking a sophisticated scent or a powerful, sensual fragrance. This stunning, floral scent is a blend of several floral scents which include rose and bergamot as well as cedarwood.





The iris is a classic. Chandler Burr once described it as "liquid good taste". It has a complex, deep taste. It is versatile and can be worn for Xerjoff 17/17 Irisss perfume all occasions. It can be worn wherever. You can even use it as a ringing alarm clock. The iris might not be suitable for a wedding that is not attractive.


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